Moving In Together: Reducing Stress While Preparing to Cohabitate

Preparing to Cohabitate

Reducing Stress While Preparing to Cohabitate

Okay the time has come… You have survived the awkward “let’s move in together” conversation. It has been decided, the date is set and the movers, aka friends bribed with food and adult beverages, are scheduled. This may be your first time moving in with a partner, or maybe you are a veteran—either way, the process is likely to be stressful and may bring out some colorful moments. One touchy area is which superfluous items to keep and which to donate or trash. Do yourself a favor and make sure to compromise as much as you can. Remember, you’re making this move to be closer to the one you love!

  1. Here are some tips for the move in and some fun DIY Pinterest finds you can work on together. When you tackle tasks together it can strengthen your already solid relationship.
  2. Home Visit: When still in the packing stages, try and go to each other’s places to decide what you may be able to compromise on, trash, and donate. This will save you some surprises on the move in date and help the organization process. It may take a few visits, so be patient. Keep in mind that one benefit of this arrangement is you can help each other pack.
  3. De-clutter: Make it a point to de-clutter and, most importantly, tell your partner about it. This will demonstrate your efforts to minimize unnecessary items for the move. For instance, you can go through old paperwork and shred what is no longer needed.
  4. List Building: Before you move in, create a list of what you might need to buy for the new piso. Perhaps you both had roommates before and neither of you owned a TV stand. Come the move-in date, this list will help you avoid an awkward couple of days or weeks trying to watch TV on the floor.
  5. Separate space: if you are fortunate enough to have two closets similar in size, separate your belonging so that each has their own closet space. If you have to share one closet, maximize your space as best you can by using shoe racks and slim hangers.
  6. Compromise: perhaps you have a piece of furniture that is not going well with the rest, Be willing to repurpose, change in color, or donate.
  7. There are some things they may not be willing to go to the store for. Understand not everyone finds home décor and color pallets as important as you might. Offer to go to the store without them but agree you will text them photos of items you may want to mutually agree on. This may also apply for dishware, organizational items you have to purchase, etc. Agree on a budget, stick to it, and split it fairly.

Check back soon for part two of this series!




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