How Moving in With My Fiancé Made Me a More Self-Aware Woman

As my 30th birthday approaches I can’t help but reflect on life until this point. I’ve gone through many different milestones, especially in the past year. Two of those events included getting engaged, and moving in with my fiancé. As you can imagine my traditional Latino parents weren’t crazy about the idea of me moving out until I was officially married. This was the first time I’d left home too, which was an adjustment for them as well. However, they respected my decision and knew it was time for me to leave the nest. Being on my own has drawn me out of my comfort zone and as a result made me more self-aware. This awareness made me look at six key areas in my life in a whole different way. 

Family Time Has Become More Important

It’s easy to take your family for granted when you’re living at home because you’re used to seeing them so often. Even though I always had a good relationship with my parents and sister, moving out only made me realize that I valued family time a lot more than I expected. I still make time to call home every day and to visit a couple of times a week to catch up in person. I genuinely enjoy their company which to me means family visits don’t feel like an obligation. I want to be in the know about their lives even though I’m no longer living under the same roof.




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