Music Playlist: Songs to Share with Other Travelers in the Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic

Songs to Share with Other Travelers in the Dominican Republic

 Backpacking the Dominican Republic for six weeks was transcendent. I met many open-minded, worldly travelers who embodied the essence of the word free.

During my one-week stay in Cabarate, one of my hostel roommates had just completed a seven-month bicycle trip throughout Latin America. One night while playing cards in our shared room, there was a blackout. I turned on the flashlight from my phone and my roommate put on his headlights. While we had backup lights covered, one of the things I wish I had was a compiled list of good Dominican music to share at this moment.

In addition, the island holds such a good backpacking vibe that this is essential! Luckily you won’t have to experience this sad lack of tunes. Since returning home, I have created a playlist for all of you to share, along with some music history to educate your fellow travelers. Enjoy, and check out the playlists I have made for trips to Puerto Rico and Cuba as well!

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