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NASA and Latina Scientists: A Match Made in Space?

Where are the best places for Latina scientists to work? You can work in a hospital, like Surgeon General Antonia Novello, or in a university, like Professor Isabel P. Montañez of UC Davis. But one of the best places for Latina scientists to work is NASA, which has over 100 Hispanic scientists and engineers, including Dr. Ellen Ochoa, the Director of Johnson Space Center, and Dr. Serena Auñónlas reinas de STEM. Both Drs. Ochoa and Auñón are astronauts, and both have shown that Latinas can excel at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Here are some of the many other Latinas rocking STEM careers at NASA:

Adriana C. Ocampo Uria
Adriana C. Ocampo Uria

Adriana C. Ocampo Uria is the NASA HQ Science Mission Directorate, Program Executive.

Nitza Margarita Cintrón is the Chief of Space Medicine and Health Care Systems Office at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and a member of the Hispanic Engineers National Achievement Awards Conference’s Hall of Fame.

Lydia Del Rio is the Research and Program Management and Center Full Cost Program Analyst at Kennedy Space Center.

Olga D. González-Sanabri

Scientist and inventor Olga D. González-Sanabria is Director of the Engineering and Technical Services at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

Gloria Hernandez is a researcher in supersonic aerodynamics at NASA’s Langley Research Center.




Annie Delgado-Holton

Annie Delgado-Holton is a Program Specialist for NASA and a member of LATINA (Leading and Advocating Together in New Arenas).

Grisselle LaFontaine is an Information Technology Specialist.

From engineers like Maria C. LechaDebbie MartinezLissette MartinezMercedes Reaves, and Otilia Rodriguez-Alvarez to administrators like Mayra Montrosa, NASA offers a place to many talented women. If you’re a Latina interested in a future as a scientist or an engineer, consider NASA.

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