Need a Good Laugh? Check Out These 5 Latin American Comedians

Latin American Comedians

Are you tired of working for the day? Is the heat making you groggy? Are you craving a pick-me-up to give you a little zing but don’t want to drink coffee and you’ve already done your workout for the day? Well, there’s something you can do right now to alleviate your suffering and fulfill that craving: do some deep-belly giggling.

Laughter releases endorphins, which translates into energy and pain relief. The tricky part is finding something that legitimately makes you laugh. It’s not exactly something you can do on command.

For that reason, I’ve compiled a list of five Latin American comedians—along with links to some seriously funny videos featuring them—for you to check out. Laughing isn’t just healthy, it’s one of the things that makes life bearable pleasurable. Watch these and get to it.

Cristela Alonzo

LA-based Cristela Alonzo created, produced, and starred in the television series Cristela. In this video, “Flying with a Jewish Boyfriend” from the Comedy Central series This Is Not Happening, Alonzo talks about an airport mishap involving a guy she’d been dating for around a month.




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