Need a New Lip Gloss? Consider One of These From Sephora

What do you want in a lip gloss? That is the essential question when deciding which brand to try next. If they are sold at Sephora, most likely there’s something appealing about the product—each narrow tube contains what to some woman is the perfect gloss. We recently perused each of Sephora’s available brands to find the three best looking glosses for $20.00 or less, and selected similar colors in each to take them home for a test run. Here are our findings after two weeks of cycling through the glosses.

s1596667-main-hero-300Sugar Rosé Shine Lip Treatment by Fresh $18.50

This is a high quality, lasting gloss. The big difference between this and the other two we tried was that the color doesn’t show through much with this one, making it a great choice to wear over lip stick, or to work when you just want a layer of smooth shine. This gloss has a heavy feel, bordering on sticky.

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