8 Fights It’s Totally Normal For You & Your Partner to Have

If you’re in a relationship, then you are probably no stranger to fighting with your significant other. Although nobody truly enjoys them, the truth of the matter is that all couples fight — and you might even be wondering how much fighting is normal. According to Joseph Cilona, Psy.D., some couples argue more than others and “there is no one correct formula when it comes to frequency of conflict,” he told Glamour. In fact, there are some fights so common that almost every couple has them at one point or another.

Although it is important to talk about your needs when dating (or when in a longterm relationship), it is also important to understand that even happy couples fight. You might be the kind of couple that fights frequently about little things or the kind of couple that comes back to the same issues over and over, and that’s all okay. In times when you feel extra stressed about your most recent fight, here are eight relationship fights that it’s totally okay for you and your sweetie to have.

1. You fight because you have different sex drives. 

Fights about sex are one of the most common types of fights that couples have, and it often stems from different sex drives — and a general lack of communication. It’s not unusual for one of you to want more regular physical time than the other but the key here is to be able to talk about it clearly. Make sure that you set aside time to talk about sex regularly and are clear on what you want in bed (including how often you’d like to have sex and if you want to experiment more in the bedroom).




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