Not Just a Summer Treat: DIY Fall Popsicles.

Fall Popsicles

DIY Fall Popsicles

If you’re not ready to let go of the pleasures of summer, you’ll be pleased to learn summer doesn’t have a monopoly on popsicles. Summer is about healthy fruit popsicles. Fall, with Halloween and Thanksgiving, is about guilty pleasure desert popsicles. From pumpkin pie to chai to caramel apples, there’s a popsicle recipe for it.

And these are easy! It’s a mystery why more people don’t take advantage of homemade popsicles. The ingredients are mixed together and then frozen in a mold–and you don’t even need to buy a mold if you have paper cups and craft sticks, as the Giver’s Log recipe below shows. If you want to be extra fancy, arrange the ingredients against the sides of the mold or add a chocolate drizzle after the popsicles are frozen.

In this list of seven recipes, there’s something for everyone. If you have no time, there’s a two-minute quick treat. If you have allergies or are vegan, there’s a dairy-free creamsicle. If you don’t want to make the same old pie for Thanksgiving, try turning it into a novel (and quicker!) popsicle.

Chai Popsicles via Gimme Some Oven

Two minutes, two ingredients. If you haven’t discovered chai yet, you’ll be doing your beverages an eternal favor if you add chai concentrate to your kitchen. Few things are more relaxing. Perhaps horchata.




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