NYE Favorites from Eva Gordon

HipLatina: When staying home on NYE what is your favorite activity? Family? Self Pampering? Traditions?
Eva Gordon: I love to have a quiet night on NYE. I usually go to a Thai or Chinese restaurant, then drink wine and play cards at my apartment with a friend. If I am alone I order in and then take a bath while listening to an audiobook (which is pretty much what I want to be doing any night of the year).
HL: What if you go out? Where do you go and what do you do?
EG: If I were to go out, I would go somewhere within walking distance of my apartment (in NYC this isn’t a problem) because the subway would be too crowded for me otherwise, and you know Uber would be on a massive surge all night.
HL: Favorite NYE drink of choice?
EG: Bubbles or Rioja.
HL: Favorite hangover remedy?
EG: I usually avoid hangovers by drinking twice as much water as alcohol, but my secret weapon is Pedialyte. I down a liter of that stuff before bed, and another in the morning, and it’s A-OK.




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