NYE Favorites from Bill O’Connor

 HipLatina: When staying home on NYE what is your favorite activity? Family? Self Pampering? Traditions?

Bill O’Connor: If I’m staying home on New Year’s Eve, I like to be surrounded by family and friends. YouTube is a must so that I can play the music videos of my fave songs from the year.

HL: What if you go out? Where do you go and what do you do?

BO: When going out on New Year’s Eve, I like to travel to somewhere warm. It’s always better to countdown to the new year in a tank top. Plus the crowds don’t seem as bad when it’s warm out and you’re in a new place. I spent the last two New Year’s Eves in Thailand. After the countdown it was off to some club hopping till about 6 AM! It’s fun to meet people from all over–Thailand, Europe, and even some people from Latin America.

HL: Favorite NYE drink of choice?

BO: Favorite drink… I try to just stick with my go to vodka soda. Goes down easy and much fewer cals. Though I do like to make sure I have at least one glass of bubbles as well.

HL: Favorite hangover remedy?

BO: Hangover remedy is having a nice big diet coke, low calorie gatorade, and some dollar slice (or streetza, as my friend Mary-Elaine likes to call it).


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