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NYE Favorites from Josette Pagan

 Josette PaganHipLatina: When staying home on NYE what is your favorite activity? Family? Self Pampering? Traditions?

Josette Pagan: I think I’ve never stayed home on NYE! If I did I think I’d listen to Michael Bublés Xmas music, light some candles, do a lot of pampering, drink some bubbles and eat good food, and do some amazing new year rituals.

HL: What if you go out? Where do you go and what do you do?

JP: For me the most important is to be sharing with my family and good friends. Lots of bubbles, food and drinks, but amongst all, being together in family. Among the traditions are: Eat 12 grapes at midnight, which represent the 12 month of the new year, and making a wish for each one. I also write the goals for the new year on a white, unlined paper and with pencil, and light a white candle symbolizing that they are guided by light and love for the highest good of all.

HL: Favorite NYE drink of choice?

JP: Billecart Salmon.

HL: Favorite hangover remedy?

JP: To prevent a hangover: drink a glass of water for every drink you have and before going to bed, eat 4-5 soda crackers and drink a 16 oz glass of water. The best remedies: eat a banana upon waking up to get a potassium boost, drink lots of water and a homemade ginger tea with a squeeze of orange and lemon juice.


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