NYE Favorites from Lisa Cavalli

HipLatina: When staying home on NYE what is your favorite activity? Family? Self Pampering? Traditions?

Lisa Cavalli: I usually stay home and eat crab, drink fabulous bubbles, play games, and if I have company, try to stay up until midnight and quickly jump into bed (sans company).

HL: Favorite NYE drink of choice?

LC: In my 20’s (late 80’s) Mudslide Shots and Beer – 30’s (late 90’s) Red Wine and Vodka Grey Goose & Tonic – 40’s (2000+) Bubbles and Vodka Tito’s & Tonic – Now – Bubbles the more the merrier

HL: Favorite hangover remedy?

LC: The best remedy is prevention through drinking lots of water—well, that’s what my sober friends say. Me, I am not very good at drinking water, which, usually results in a terrible hangover. So….my go to remedy hangover relief is a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with out egg and a large Coke. Thank goodness I don’t have hangovers, but maybe once or twice a year.




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