New Thoughts: Innovations and Favorites from HipLatina

Today we want to share three of our favorite innovations, innovators, and new thoughts. We have selected our favorite products, ideas, disruptors, and concepts that make you go, “wow, I hadn’t thought of that.”

One innovative group has created a global movement to share a simple idea that can save lives. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign that raises funds for prevention, education, treatment, research, and hope for a cure in our lifetime. Not every culture or country promotes awareness and self-exam acceptance to the same degree. Adoption of self-exam might be a necessity on path toward reduced cancer rates, but in Pakistan it’s a toxic taboo.

The first favorite is an innovative product with a local answer to a universal problem. The Pink Bra was designed to turn an everyday action for Pakistani women, slipping money inside their bras, into a breast cancer self-examination exercise. You can find more information on the #giveapinkbra movement here or watch the video.


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