Pasta with Creamy Chile Guajillo Sauce

I can’t even tell you how easy it is to prepare this dish. This pasta with creamy chile guajillo sauce has the perfect balance of flavors and the ability to make every person in the room doubt that you even made it. It’s the kind of dish that you would devour at a fancy restaurant. The sauce is creamy and spicy without being hot—it’s just perfect.

I know there are a lot of people who cannot eat pasta due to gluten intolerance or other health problems. But despite these setbacks, in this whole foods day and age there is no need to deprive ourselves from eating pasta—there are very good gluten free pastas made from quinoa, rice, or even black beans and chickpeas. I have tried a lot of different brands and ingredient combinations but my favorite are definitely the brown rice pasta or the traditional hand made pasta.

Another way to enjoy pasta is with julienned or ribboned vegetables. I love zucchini noodles but I also love rutabaga noodles, carrot noodles, and spaghetti squash. All very easy to prepare, almost as easy as boiling water to cook pasta. This chile guajillo creamy sauce will go well with any kind of pasta, gluten free or regular, and I’m sure it will also be a hit with zucchini noodles.

The sauce is made by roasting the chiles in a pan and the blending them with cream cheese or crema fresca. I like to use almond cream cheese or cashew crema, but my mom uses regular crema and it works perfectly fine as well.

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