‘Pose’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Revelations

Since the start of this show, Blanca has been trying to build a House of her own to leave as her legacy. But what happens when the House becomes divided? What happens if it falls?

We open up to Ricky hanging out at Pray’s house while Pray gives him advice on how to stay as healthy as possible with his new HIV+ diagnosis. But as we saw in last episode, Ricky seems to be interested in more than Pray’s advice. He asks to stay over, and while he starts the evening on the couch, soon after he moves into Pray’s bed. And can we really hold it against Pray for welcoming some affection when he’s had lovers die on his watch and is HIV+ himself?

Meanwhile, Angel and Papi briefly discuss Angel’s photo shoot with that creep from earlier this season. Then Papi ends up taking Angel over to see an apartment and suggests that, with her new modeling career, it might be time for her to move on up, so to speak.

Back at the monthly meeting of ballroom emcees, Pray ends up divulging his rendezvous with Ricky. It’s met with mixed feelings, but mostly they sympathize. But y’all know who isn’t going to be as accepting of this new situation? Damon. And in the next scene, Ricky ends up confessing that he may have exposed Damon to HIV after all. We see Damon go from heartbroken to just plain enraged at his ex. After all, Ricky lied about sleeping with Chris, slept with Damon without a condom, and is now shacking up with Pray—who, as an elder, should have been off limits.

Surprisingly, Pray attends Damon’s graduation recital along with the rest of House Evangelista. He kills it, of course, and there’s a sweet parting scene between Blanca and Helena (you know, his dance teacher). Things don’t stay cool for long though: back at the House, Angel begins to snap at Damon for possibly no reason. It seems a peculiar shift, but it seems the writers are trying to indicate Angel’s still using coke. And so, Damon ends up outing her to Blanca but Blanca says she needs proof before she kicks out Angel. Things get even more heated when Damon reveals Ricky’s status, and the fact that he’s been exposed. When Pray tries to calm things down, Damon won’t have it and also reveals the fact that he’s sleeping with Ricky. No one leaves that scene happy.

At the next ball, Papi and Damon both get trophies but Blanca’s not even into it. She ends up confronting Pray after the ball, and the two friends both just argue even more. Pray tells Blanca she plays favorites—and it’s pretty obvious to the audience but it takes Blanca some time to confront this. Who knows what needs to happen for things to mend. All we know is that Pray is hurting, and admits he never meant to hurt anyone in the process. He goes home and gets trashed, but surprisingly, Ricky ends up taking care of him and putting him to bed, then fixes him breakfast the next day. So maybe Ricky won’t be too much of a disappointment after all. 

By the end of the episode, Angel’s admit to her coke use and basically kicks herself out of the house. Blanca finally recognizes her errors and apologizes to Damon. And Damon also ends up moving out, but for a much better reason: he’s got a new opportunity to go dance in Europe and he clearly cannot say no to such a big break. Blanca seeks solace in Elektra, who gives it to her straight: she’s actually doing a good job as a mother because her children are moving on with their lives, and if they didn’t leave, it would actually mean she wasn’t doing her job properly. It’s little comfort to Blanca though, whose final scene shows her sitting at her dinner table alone. We’ll have to see how Blanca pulls through and finds new children to take care of in the next episode.




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