2016 Mentions, Features, Press Releases  15 Steps To The Perfect Facial Celebrating The World’s Best Clients  Tasting With Social Media

Press Release Uka Green y Lorena Sebastián juntas en “Hip Latina” – Featured Chef Susie Jimenez Aspen Food & Wine

Palladium Aspen – Aspen Food & Wine – VIP Hospitality House

Press Release – Aspen Food & Wine

Aspen Times Aspen Food & Wine

Aspen Times Aspen Food & Wine  – Still in Bed paragraph

Peru Delights – Featuring Morena Escardo

Diana Rico featuring Diana Rico

Cafe Con Leche – Top 10 Favorites for Hispanicize 2016 


Press Release – Hispanicize 2016 – Twitter Activation

Sonoma Index Tribune –  Kathleen Hill: Remembering the ‘Linus Club International’

Hendry Winery  Winemaker Dinner with Susie  Cinco lugares que tienes que ver en Quito, Ecuador

LaPrensa – Press Democrat Susie Jiménez, chef latina en Sonoma


Okie Wine Girl – Twitter Activation Classic LA Wine Glamour: San Antonio Winery Review On Buzz60 Latino

Trend  Hip Latina Creates a Detox Drink Just in Time for Spring

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