Pumpkin Bread with Orange-Cream Cheese Icing Recipe

There’s nothing like a warm loaf of sweet bread to help ease you into winter.

My mom makes this pumpkin bread every year. It’s a favorite of one of our neighbors (he likes that it’s a sweet that isn’t too sweet, and eats it sans icing) and a guilty pleasure for my dad (he’s diabetic; he also foregoes the icing).

I, however, love sweet things and am not diabetic, so I’m all about the icing! The slight bitterness of the zest balances out the sweetness-and-spice of the rest. If you want, make both loaves, and freeze one for later, un-iced. (I’d say freeze any bread you’re not going to eat within the first two days after baking. The icing should hold up in the fridge for about a week.) Let the leftover loaf thaw in the refrigerator the night before you plan on eating it. The bread is really good cold, especially when drizzled over with some warmed icing.

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