Quick Tips and Buys to Reduce Your Use of Plastic  

Reduce Use of Plastic

Quick Tips and Buys to Reduce Your Use of Plastic

We have all been told to reduce, reuse and recycle. We all wonder what we can do but at what sacrifice to our time and cute wallet. However, there are some quick changes and chic buys you can implement with minimal impact to your routine.

I have scoured the Internet and although there are countless findings, suggestions, tips and tricks I have put together a few you might actually be excited to do and buy. Wait till you get to the Kate Spade glass bottle. Yup, even the fun trendy brands are coming along for the reduce plastic ride…

Here are a few ways to reduce your use of plastic.

  • Say no to straws, stirrers or cups at restaurants. When you can, request a glass cup instead of a plastic cup. It will help reduce your exposure to plastic and it reminds your friends about their use of plastic. *Fair warning: some friends may find it a bit overboard, but hey, you are being conscientious. Be proud of your efforts.
  • Bring your own bags to the mall and to the grocery stores. Not just the bigger grocery bags but smaller ones you would use on loose vegetables and fruit. If you forget your bags, always ask for paper, if it is available.
  • Grocery shopping local: farmers markets and local grocery stores i.e. Have your meat wrapped in paper while at the butcher. Plus farmer’s markets are great opportunities for Instagram moments. Can you see it? Are you thinking the same thing? #FoodPorn #FreshFlowers
  • Skip the TV dinner frozen section—they come in a lot of plastic packaging, and as a bonus you will skip the high sodium.
  • Do you dry clean? Bring your own reusable cloth garment bag. The cloth allows the fabric to breathe a little better. You’re so fancy!
  • Using those scented candles you have but never use versus air fresheners. They will theoretically last longer and can create a romantic mood. Plus they make great décor and can also add to your Instagram props.




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