Instead of a Quinceañera, Teen Spent Her Birthday In Immigration Custody

Astrid had planned to celebrate her 15th birthday like most Latinas dream of, with a quinceañera. Instead Astrid spent it in an immigration detention center. The teen girl who moved to rural Pennsylvania with her dad just three years ago, did so without documentation to escape the violence in their native country of Guatemala. They have been trying to apply for asylum but unfortunately, with the increase of immigration raids, Astrid and her dad are now the victims of our administration’s political attack.

“This girl and her father were sleeping in their beds when they were woken up by ICE agents,” Carol Anne Donohue, the family’s lawyer said to The Daily Beast. “It doesn’t sound like there was any due process, any warrant—anything,” she added. “The total lack of respect for the law that this agency is showing, it’s like open season on immigrants. It’s terrifying, and it’s terrifying entire communities.”

This is exactly why so many undocumented people in this country are dealing with anxiety and other mental problems because they just never know if they’re going to be next. Rebecca Ma, from Amnesty International, writes that Astrid was woken up at 5 a.m. to agents yelling “IMMIGRATION — GET UP!”

It’s been a month since she’s been in the detention center (also known as baby jails) alongside her dad, and it’s time to get her out. Here’s what you can do to help Astrid be free once again.

Rebecca notes that this is a way to help Astrid:

Call and email the ICE officials who have the authority to release her and her father:

Acting Field Office Director, ICE ERO, Philadelphia Office

Gregory S. Brawley

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

US Department of Homeland Security

114 North 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107, USA

Tel: + 1 215 656 7164


Twitter: @ICEgov

Salutation: Dear Mr. Brawley

Assistant Field Office Director, ICE ERO, Philadelphia Office

Joshua G. Reid

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

US Department of Homeland Security

3400 Concord Road, York, PA, 17402, USA

Tel: + 1 267 479 3689


Twitter: @ICEgov




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