Rituals & Limpias For Each Astrology Sign to Bring in 2020!


As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries tend to be trailblazers. Your natural competitive inclination makes you prone to inhibiting a “winners’ mindset.” You won’t let anything talk you out of what you want because you have enough courage to lend to all your brothers and sisters of the zodiac. Motto: “If I want it? I got it!”

The year 2019 might’ve been a year full of opportunities of learning how to display controlled emotional temperament. Fire signs can be emotionally charged 50 percent of the time and 2019 threw curveballs to assist you with keeping your cool. Grace and poise, how well did you integrate such themes into your journey this year? As you head into 2020, a ritual with the element of water can benefit you with flushing out those high temps. Working with an element completely opposite of your elemental sign of fire might feel foreign, but needed. Here’s a simple water cleanse ritual I recommend you do with the final new moon of 2019 on December 26th.

Items needed:

  1. Glass or Container filled with water.
  2. Ability to visualize

Ritual Steps:

  1. Fill glass or container with purified water.
  2. Find a place of solitude and remove all distractions such as cell phones.
  3. Create an intention of what you learned in 2019 that you know you can start instilling more grace, poise or patience.
  4. Visualize that intention being removed of you and your aura and into the glass. Visualize the element of water cleansing and purifying you.
  5. Connect in gratitude with the element of water for its assistance.
  6. After taking your time to connect and visualize, release this intention (water) back into Earth.
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