We Took a Road Trip From Austin to San Antonio & This Is Why It Was So Amazing

I was pretty excited when I learned I was going to go on a Chevy road trip from Austin to San Antonio this past weekend. But what got me beyond ecstatic, was when I realized I was going to be out there with my boss right in the middle of Fiesta, San Antonio’s largest citywide celebration.
Chevy Equinox HipLatina
Before hitting up the festival, Lisa and I did some exploring around San Antonio in our loaned 2018 Chevy Equinox, which was beyond comfortable — by the way. We synced our iPhones to the car’s impressive entertainment system using Bluetooth and listened to some of our favorite jams on the road. We hit up Fredericksburg where we checked out some shops and the gorgeous Texas Bluebonnet fields and had a blast just soaking in Texas’ country landscapes.

Fiesta Beauty HipLatina Chevy

If there’s one thing I took away from being in San Antonio during Fiesta, it’s the strong sense of community and resilience Latinos have. A lot of violence, oppression, and segregation was placed on the Mexican/Tejano population back in the day and yet they continue to overcome.

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