#RockItLetters Waving Goodbye to Women’s History Month


Now that April has begun, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the passing of March, also known as Women’s History Month.

Women: Essential to life, key to society yet, in many ways still treated unequally. In 2016. If we were on equal footing we wouldnt need our own month to remind us of the history of our inequality.

If we want to be treated fairly, we need to take command, to act with empowerment and to show each other real support. This solidarity needs to be something more meaningful and personal than the occasional Instagram post in calligraphy about positivity and empowerment using hashtags like #girlboss (which is a great book, but still). Lets take it old schooland make a real connection to the women we admire.

Let’s send out thank you cards. You may think sending out a thank you note is not a new idea, but it is in the way we are going to do it. Receiving a thank you note in the mail these days is rare (even if you are a hiring manager), so this past Valentines Day I thought I’d try something different. I wrote a thank you/Valentines Day card to several women from various parts of my life. They were sent to an array of personalities such as family members who are tough but kind, former bosses who are busy but gracious, and friends so talented, yet underrated. The women that received a card all called, emailed, or thanked me in person because it meant something to them.

We forget to lift each other up if there isnt an action that prompts it, so lets make a reason—women empowerment. It doesn’t take a lot of time to write on a card or stationary and it can make a world of difference for them and for you.

In each card I encouraged the women to pay it forward, and to my surprise, after sending the cards I had a few of the women I know followed suit. A few also posted photos of my card and cards they sent to others with the hashtag (#RockItLetters). Why Rock it Letters”?  I want all the incredible mothers, daughters, sisters and wives in my life to know exactly why I appreciate them and to know they do rock!

I hope you will consider joining the movement, because although we don’t know each other yet, you probably rock, and you got that way by being shaped by other women (and some men, too) who rock and instilled excellence in you.

Gloria Steinem once said “We have become the men we wanted to marry. Well, that may be the goal for some, while others desire the traditionally acceptable female goalposts of marriage, motherhood, and community. Whatever we strive for, I think we all deserve to be valued for our achievements, and I think the antidote to a society in which Women’s History Month is still necessary is movement of support from one woman to another. Join me in writing to the women who have shaped us, inspired us, led by example. And lest you forget it, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

My #RockItLetter to you! xoxoxo

-Vanessa Diaz is a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast in the San Diego area. You can follow her sprinkles and splashes of  random curiosities @pipelinepepper.




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