Saturday DIY Favorites: 5 Easy Organizing Tips For Fall and Winter

Saturday DIY Favorites from our Pinterest Boards

We know there is nothing sexy or hip about cleaning, however, we do get excited about saving time and money. Fall is a great time to purge the summer condiments and re-organize the pantry. HipLatina has discovered five favorites that will help inspire you to get creative, think outside of the box and get organized. Start with the most daunting spot in the kitchen; the refrigerator. Do a deep clean in and out, top to bottom. Now you have an opportunity to try something new. Perhaps, jazz it up with crafty labels and organizing your groceries with cute baskets.

Saturday Maximize Storage HipLatina

Photo Credit Burlap and Denim

Pinterest is the best resource for finding new ideas and use for non-traditional items. We found Susan on Pinterest. She has changed the way we organize our refrigerator.

Direct links can be found on Pinterest at HipLatina – Great Ideas Board

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