Say Thank You To The Parents Who Raised You


Say Thank You To The Parents

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Say Thank You To The Parents Who Raised You

When you have a big, spread out family like mine, shopping for Christmas gifts can be quite a challenge—there’s the personality of each person to consider, as well as the organizational task of getting everything in the mail in time to arrive for the holiday.  But it’s always worth the effort to find something special for your abuelos, tios, primos, and, of course, padres—all the people who contributed to your bright, loud, food-filled childhood.

You want to give something back to them for all they’ve given you—to thank them for reading with you as a baby, for playing you their favorite traditional music on the stereo or the guitar, for teaching you to roll out flour on the countertop to prepare green chilli biscuits.

It’s tempting to just send everyone a personalized holiday card. And I already did! Shutterfly made it so easy and fun with their new Tarjetas de Navidad collection but for a main gift, you want something that stands apart, that takes time to look over: something personal, memorable, and reasonably priced.

I called up my dad this week and told him I had it—the perfect gift for our whole family. Because while everyone has different tastes in jewelry, clothes, and books, I know what makes them all the happiest: seeing the faces of the people they love. The gift I’m choosing this season is a photo book of captured holiday moments, like the time your two aunts accidentally brought the same dish to the party and made everyone close their eyes and say which they liked better—or the Christmas wedding of your cousin in Georgia, where the hall smelled of sweet spices and bloomed with crimson poinsettias.Shutterfly Mug

With Shutterfly, you can customize your photo book with photos, recipes and unique details, like Spanish characters…yes with enes and accents! Mom is going to love her photo book in Spanish! A single photo of your primos might be perfect for your Auntie. In that case, you can create a coffee mug or a pillow with the image for her. The Yo Amo mug design or Amor Besos Famila desktop plaque says it all For grandparents, the best might be a calendar featuring family pictures, where you mark out all your relatives’ birthdays in advance. You might also indicate days when you or your parents plan to visit them.

ShutterflyAs tricky as finding the perfect gift for each person in the family has been, I’m convinced that the greatest gifts include family photos—because unlike the latest clothes or trinkets or technologies, photo gifts may become vintage, but they never get old.

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Reach out and Connect With Your Primas Through Holiday Cards

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