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U.S. Begins New Asylum Policy, Sends Central American Back To Mexico To Await Court Date

Araceli Cruz
The first asylum seeker from Central America has re-entered Mexico from the United States. A significant new change in the country’s asylum policy, which Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen first announced in December, has now gone into effect. Yesterday, one...
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Salvadoran American Marcella Arguello Talks Latina Representation in Comedy & New Fuse Series

Sofía Aguilar
Salvadoran American stand-up comedian Marcella Arguello was a force to be reckoned with from childhood. Describing herself as a “class clown” who was always “being silly, being goofy” from day one, Arguello has since headlined and opened for acts in...
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11 Latin American Ingredients Our Ancestors Used in Food

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
The many countries throughout Latin America have long been home to fertile ground, and for centuries, Indigenous people used everything they could for nourishment. Our ancestors may have worked hard to find, prepare and preserve food, but in the process,...
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The Indigenous History of Avocados in Latin America Plus Avocado-Based Recipes

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
National Avocado Day comes every July 31 and it makes total sense that there’s an entire day dedicated to one of the most beloved fruits that’s a regular part of our diets. Avocados are grown primarily in Latin America with...
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Why Latinx Moms Need to Know the Truth About Black History in America

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
As a Latina mom who was born and raised in the United States and is now raising children in the same racism-plagued country, my eyes are open. They haven’t always been, at least not completely, though something was always there...