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SHEIN Retail Allegedly Steals Halloween Design from Latina Nail Artist

Virginia Isaad
Guatemalan-Mexican nail artist Sigourney Nuñez, known as @nailartbysig on Instagram, has become another in a long line of creatives who’ve had their designs, products, or artwork allegedly stolen by SHEIN. Known for their affordable prices and fast shipping, the clothing...
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Woman Shows Up to Work as Homeless Hurricane María Survivor for Halloween and it’s Disgusting

Johanna Ferreira
Just when we thought we’ve seen it all when it comes to offensive, idiotic and distasteful Halloween costumes, a new one goes viral on the internet. A JetBlue employee in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has recently gone under fire after insensitively...

12 Mesmerizing Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Latinxs on YouTube

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Halloween costumes are important, but the makeup takes the whole look to a different level. Sometimes Halloween makeup is the entire look — intricate, gorgeous, and defying logic. But if you’re no professional MUA, you might need the help of...