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Chris Perez Will Perform at the “Selena for Sanctuary” Concert In New York City


Often times, we can’t help but wonder what Selena would think about our crazy world today. It feels as life was simpler when Selena was still alive, or perhaps we were just younger and naive about the problems that plagued the world. While Selena was conservative in a lot of respects, she had the biggest heart — that is a fact. There’s no doubt that Selena would not stand for the separation of families or the deportation of non violent undocumented immigrants, which is why artists are using her name to bring awareness to the issues that is affecting our community.

For the second year in a row,  Doris Muño — a Los Angeles-based music manager — is organizing Selena for Sanctuary. The Selena themed concert that was first held last year in California when Muño needed money to her undocumented parents’ legal fees, Remezcla reports. This year, Muño is bringing Selena for Sanctuary to New York City.

“Selena for Sanctuary is coming to NYC!” Muño said on Instagram. “Muchísimas gracias @lincolncenter for believing in our cause and bringing what started as a fundraiser for my parents last year coast to coast. After such a heavy week for our community, moments like these remind me that we are continuing to fight the good fight in ways I could’ve never imagined as a kid. Thank you to every artist and organization involved.”

In an interview with Remezcla, Muño said this show couldn’t come at a better time and homes Latinos can “link arms and fight the good fight. She adds “We can do this while enjoying a beautiful night of music for our immigrant communities, at a prestigious platform like Lincoln Center, where our community deserves a seat at this table.”

The show will take place on July 26 and feature performances by Mon Laferte, Cuco, Gaby Moreno, Nina Diaz, including special guest appearance by Chris Perez, Omar Apollo, and August Eve under the musical direction of Adrian Quesada. The event will be hosted by Felix Contreras of NPR’s Alt.Latino.

Click here for more information about this event.


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