Selena Gomez Opens Ups About Embracing Her Mexican Heritage

As one of the biggest pop stars, Selena Gomez has grown up in the public eye – a reality that’s a lot more challenging than many people give her credit for. She’s had her highs and lows splashed in front of the world, and has opened up to us all about her battle with Lupus, depression and anxiety. But there’s one part of her life we haven’t heard her speak much about – her Latina identity. As an internationally-known celebrity, Gomez’s visibility is high and for Latinas, especially those who grew up on her Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place,” seeing a Latina on screen was super impactful.

Recently, Gomez sat down to chat with Harper’s Bazaar about her pride in being Mexican and how she learned that representation matters. We hope this is the start of Gomez embracing her roots and championing the causes for Latinxs in media.





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