Sephora Is Selling a ’Starter Witch Kit’ in October And Brujas Ain’t Having It

Beauty behemoth Sephora is catching heat for its plans to carry a “Starter Witch Kit” in stores and online on Oct. 9. The nine-piece set, launched by perfume brand Pinrose, will retail for $42, plus tax, and offer fragrances, as well as ”tarot cards, sage, and a rose quartz crystal.”  

With the rise in awareness surrounding inner and outer beauty, beauty brands are tapping into the lucrative, highly-marketable wellness space, which boasts $3.7 trillion, according to the Global Wellness Institute. But many are doing so without acknowledging the root of varying spiritual practices, and capitalizing off its trendiness at the expense of spiritual practitioners, their offerings and where their tools and materials are sourced.

Brujas and indigenous practitioners ain’t having it, accusing the French company with going too far and even cultural appropriation.

Indigenous artist Chief Lady Bird provided cultural content, tweeting, “If you find yourself skipping over to Sephora to buy a witch kit, remember this & go home or go get the medicines you need from a source that isn’t capitalizing on spirituality & over-producing a sacred medicine.” The words accompany an image of a Lakota medicine man who was arrested for his practice in the 1880s.

Bri Luna, owner and creative director of The Hoodwitch, offered several gems on authentic partnerships for practitioners in a Twitter thread:

With corporations cashing in on spiritual practices, women of color are often the ones most impacted by these moves. On a positive, the Sephora controversy did incite consumers to create lists to support POC-owned brands.




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