Set New Year’s Health Goals NOW – Why Wait for January?

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Set New Year’s Health Goals

Don’t wait for the New Year to get your life together—you want to look smoking hot now, when you have holiday events and parties coming up, right? Think of the inevitable photos you’ll be seeing of yourself from social events between now and January—how do you want to look? Red and bloated, or healthy and glowing? Here are some thoughts on making serious health goals early, and sticking to them.

Who Says January Is the Only Time to Make a Resolution?

Many people do wait until the New Year to set their health and physical fitness goals—gyms fill up, workout gear is bought and donned, and then, as quickly as the thrill arrived, it’s gone—gone with the dead christmas trees, gone for good. Don’t be one of those people with pricey new exercise clothes and an under-used gym membership—guapa, you’re better than that! There’s no time like the present, and we both know that cream pie isn’t going to burn itself off your thighs; why not set fitness goals now, before the false motivation of January 1st rolls in?

If you start now, you can get a head start and avoid the stares and sneers regular fitness goers make every January when they see the fresh crop of resolution makers enter the gym. It’ll be less crowded and (therefore) more fun!

Drop Pounds Now and Get a New Dress!

So you overindulged with the kids on Halloween? Qué? Oh, you say you also stuffed yourself like a turkey on Thanksgiving? Look, no health misstep is irreparable if you make an effort to change. If you start now, you’ll have repaired some damage by New Year’s Eve—just in time to fit into last year’s dress.

Healthy = Happy (You Just Don’t Know it Yet)

If you start early, you might feel more motivated to continue meeting health goals, particularly because you won’t have to work so hard in January.

Beginning now allows time to establish a comfortable routine by January. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by gym goers who are dedicated to achieving a healthy lifestyle, giving you added motivation to keep going. Not only will you look good for New Year’s—you’ll feel better too!

Fun and Fitness

Setting your health goals now may help you to avoid overeating over Christmas. Instead of taking that last bite of chocolate cake because you know New Year’s Day is coming up and you’ll be forced to cut out sweets, try smiling at that cute guy watching you from across the Elliptical—just a couple of gym rats enjoying the day. This mindset will prevent you from eating and drinking too much simply: Who has time to gorge when there are workout classes to schedule, and so many fellow gym devotees to get to know?

Start Your New Year Off Right!

New habits take time to develop, so if you start now, you’ll already have an established routine by the time January arrives, making it easier to keep your resolution. Don’t wait for January to get in shape! Do it now—take charge of your health!




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