Share the Love: The Go-To Checklist to Donate Clothes

Donating clothes

The Go-To Checklist to Donate Clothes

Did you know 99% of discarded clothing and household textiles can be recycled? We buy many hundreds of pounds of new clothes, but only about 68 pounds of clothing are discarded by Americans each year. This problem is compounded by the fact that we are now buying so many cheap, trendy clothes that we get tired of after a few months. Next time you are planning a Target run for this season’s latest fashions, consider giving away some of your older clothes first—refresh your closet while you enhance someone else’s.

Donating clothes helps both the environment and local charities. Learn which clothing can be donated and the organizations that accept them in this go-to checklist for donating clothes.

Helping Local Charities

Since second hand stores sell donated clothes, they are making a profit from your discarded items. You can contact each consignment store you are thinking of giving to and find out how they spend their money—some provide assistance to homeless shelters or drug rehabilitation centers, still others give to the blood bank or children’s charities. Call to find out how and where to give—many donation centers now have boxes around cities where you can simply insert your clothes (properly washed, of course, according the directions on the center’s website).

Easing The Burden On The Planet

By donating, instead of trashing your clothing, you can help the environment by reducing the amount of pesticides used to grow cotton, petroleum to make fabric, and water to dye fabric. Learn how to help the planet through clothing donation.





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