Sit Down with Mariana Vincente

photographer Abnel González

photographer Abnel González

We recently sat down with Puerto Rican HipLatina actress Mariana Vicente to talk girl to girl about life, love, fashion, and fun. We share a lightly edited version of that conversation below.

HipLatina Q: We love fellow HipLatinas who are confident in their own skin. You started your television career at a young age, danced and expressed your creativity through many artistic activities. What do you think drives your passion and gives you such confidence?
Mariana Paola Vincente A: My purpose drives my passion and my confidence. To maintain confidence in this industry is hard but also crucial. Having a purpose keeps me focused on my goals.

HipLatina Q: Who inspired you the most growing up?

MPV: My family definitely inspired me. They taught me to be grateful and hard working. To be structured and laid back all at once. To love and enjoy every little thing in life. But mostly they taught me to cook good Puerto Rican food! Haha.

HL: I see you have a little your fur baby—how did the puppy find you and what is his name?

MPV: My fur baby’s name is Arizona. She was named after her birth state. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into [but] now we want two more dogs! Haha. She really is the most precious thing in our life besides our families! I feel so much love for her.

HL: I see you have spent time living in New Orleans, and this is a tricky question: Beignets or Pastelillos de Guayaba?

MPV: Tough one! Can I choose quesitos (cheese rolls)? My boyfriend and I will get a dozen of them and eat them in a day.

HL: Your beauty and fashion are so hip and flawless. What is your secret?

MPV: Makeup! Haha! (Nobody looks flawless in the morning.) All kidding aside, I just really enjoy my little routines. Everybody knows I use Proactiv products to fight blemishes. Besides that I love taking baths with bath salts or oils. It’s important to unwind from the day and de-stress. I also love tea! My new favorites are Tazo’s Mint Mosaic (which has green tea, mint, peppermint and ginger) and Lavender-Chamomile tea. In terms of style, I honestly just mix and match basics every day. Lately I’m loving New Balance tennis shoes. I’m pretty casual.

HL: Ok—now we are going to get real—Saturday out for a stroll with your puppy: flip flops, soft faded jeans and tee, natural make up and tussled hair or Fabfitfun gear, sneakers, and a ponytail?

MPV: That really is a hard question. 50-50! You just described my everyday outfits. But if I had to choose, I would probably have to go with Fabfitfun gear, sneakers, and a ponytail. Comfort wins!

HL: Ok, one more silly question: Bowling Shoes or Baseball Cap?

MPV: Baseball cap for sure. I’m not much of a bowler. I actually suck. Haha!

HL: With you latest success as an actress, what is your dream role? Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Thriller?

MPV: Action! I would love to do some fight scenes. I love being physical.

HL: You have been very clear on your life plans and goals. What is the next step for MPV? Where will you be in 10 years?

MPV: Next step would be to book a bigger role. I would love to have a recurring role on a show. In 10 years? Probably married with kids. Maybe like a few more dogs? Working on some cool film and bringing my mom and sister to set to help me out with the fam. I would love that!

HL: HipLatina’s tagline is “Her Interest, Her Lifestyle, Her Inspiration.” Let HipLatina’s audience know what yours are.

MPVInterests: Movies, sketching, reading, health and fitness, traveling, food!

Lifestyle: Packing and unpacking and then some more. (Lots of traveling with my dog and boyfriend).

Inspiration: People! I’m inspired by people every day.

HL: Please share a little secret we can tease with before the article.

MPV: I was born with red hair!

If you would like see more of Mariana and Arizona find them on Instagram @marianavincente





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