Skip the Expensive Coffee Shop and Make Café con Leche Instead

Coffee drinks you can make at home


  • French press (if you don't have one, regular coffee brewer would also be fine)
  • coffee beans (I like the fun-flavored ones, like chocolate almond or French vanilla)
  • coffee grinder (I use a Magic Bullet blender)
  • water
  • cocoa powder
  • brown sugar
  • white sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • half-and-half

If you really enjoy your morning coffee drinks but know it could be better, hear me out. Even if you’re a routine type who hasn’t really given it much thought and you feel perfectly satisfied with your current cup, you should listen. Change can be good.

The 1:1 milk-to-coffee ratio of the traditional café con leche is great. It’s been working fine. However, I am not the routine type, and I’ve been experimenting. There has been much trial and error. I want to share with you what I’ve learned (both what is good and what is not).

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