Small Details Change Everything: How to Make Your Dinner Table More Inviting in 5 Minutes or Less

¡Hola amiga!

Did you know that you can quickly turn a simple meal time into an extraordinary affair with just a few special touches? Small details create a big difference, and that’s what its all about. We don’t have to wait for a Holiday or to have a special guest to make any mealtime special. How about you do so for a sister, a madrina, or just a good old friend?

I’d like to share a few tips that can make tonight’s dinner a special one, even if it is just soup and salad. Try adding some key decorative pieces to transform the table without too much work.

  • Paper or Linen Doilies
  • Place mats
  • Napkin rings

Dinner Table Tips

When we add these types of details, any dish becomes a special one. Presentation makes all the difference—it can even make the food taste better!


With a salad, for example, try placing the toppings in different plates or bowls so that each person can pick and choose the desired amount of toppings.

This is what my sister did for me in just a few minutes:


Such a cute, festive idea!

If you think about it, adding these extra special touches does not require much more time than leaving them out, and this is the difference between a “normal” lunch and a “special” affair: two to three decorative details.

Break away from the weekday autopilot dinner mode, and make tonight new and special in five minutes or less. No need to invest a fortune—just add some candles or a plant to the table. In return, you’ll receive warmth and appreciation from your friends and family.

And that mi amiga, is what makes you a first-class hostess! Cheers!

Claudia Ahrens-Hernández, Beauty and Lifestyle Contributor





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