Rapper Spice Bleaches Skin to Highlight Colorism Problem in the Black Community

When it comes to colorism, are people of color hypocritical about dark skin? While some people want to embrace the notion of “loving yourself,” dancehall rapper Spice is saying Black people are hypocrites when it comes to the idea that “black is beautiful.” The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star went as far as bleaching her skin to prove her point.

For the past several months, the reality show castmember has shared with her followers on Instagram, that she bleached her skin in order to rebrand herself for her new mixtape “Black Hypocrisy.” The look was revealed last fall but on last night’s episode, audiences finally got to see how her castmates reacted to her new look. They were stunned.

“All I want to do is make it as an artist here in America, but now I’ve been pulled in every direction,” Spice said on the show. “I know that lightening my skin is politically incorrect, but that is a drastic measure I have to take to call out everyone for criticizing my look.” She added that she’s bleaching her skin to create “awareness for colorism.”

Spice said that by changing her look she is fighting back against the discrimination she has received from own community, who have told her numerous times that she would be a prettier and much more successful star if her skin was lighter.

“I’m willing to go through all of this, and the point is if I don’t do this my daughter may not be as strong as me so she may go through the same thing as me as a child,” she said on the show.

Castmate Mimi told her that changing the color of her skin is “ridiculous and doesn’t make f*cking sense.”

“You look like a white woman trying to be black,” Mimi told Spice. “That’s what you look like. Do you know what the world is going to say when they see you?”

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Spice wrote on Instagram: “Please don’t let the message fly over your head. Colorism is real, my message to us is to stop bashing each other because of the darker shade of our skin.”

We must question, however, her tactics to prove that discrimination within the Black community exists. We know all communities of color do have prejudices of all sorts, especially about the color of skin. But to go as far as altering the color of your skin, which can be as permanent as plastic surgery, is that really necessary? Once you change your skin tone, you can’t just go back to your original look. Skin bleaching also comes with a number of health risks.  So we do have to question her motives. Spice claims she’s “rebranding” and highlighting the colorism problem within the Black community. But it’s hard to tell whether she actually bleached her skin to promote her mixtape or if it’s just makeup. We’re hoping it’s makeup because Spice was already beautiful with her naturally dark complexion. Regardless, we’re also not sure if this was the best, most effective way to get her message across.

In a recent post to Instagram, Spice writes that she genuinely loves her darker complexion. She claims that the bleaching was only done to point out hypocrisy.

“Some will get it but some still won’t. #Blackhypocrisy. Proud of my color, love my pretty black skin, respect due to my strong melanin. #Staywoke,” she wrote. But did she have to go this far to make her point or was it all done for shock value? We have to wonder. Check out the song below and pay close attention to the lyrics.




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