5 Ways to Start a Spiritual Beauty Routine

Nurturing Your Skin Is A Practice


While receiving the most calming facial I’ve ever experienced in my life (esthetician Jeni Sykes spoke to me in low, drawn-out syllables barely above a whisper), I learned that your skin is the last organ to receive nutrients. Thus, when you focus on nourishing your body from the inside out, it’s important to do more than just drink a lot of water or just slap on a ton of moisturizer. Create a practice of hydrating by drinking water regularly and carefully, methodically, and slowly moisturizing your skin from the outside. Build up an arsenal of products and tools that allow you to become more committed to the practice of caring for your skin. By slowly building your routine, you will have maximum impact. This will create an opportunity for you to slow down during your day and have a quiet moment of intentional care for your skin.

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