Spring 2016 Trending Shoes from Fashionistaover40

Hola Fashionista!

As 2016 rolled in, with it came some cool, trending footwear, some of which are taking us to new levels of fun and fashion.

This year we are seeing more of what we all love, and that’s comfort for our feet. I know we all love that sexy stiletto, but let’s be real, how many times did you wish you would have opted instead, for the not so sexy, comfortable pair? If you’re like me, that would be never! We all love and long for a shoe that is both fabulous and comfortable.


HipLatina FullSizeRender-4-1

So let 2016’s trending shoes, step right on in. Did you ever think we would be styling our sneakers with a chic pleated skirt or dress?

Fashion Week gave us a glimpse of fashionistas sporting this look from the streets of New York City, to the streets of Paris. Not only is it comfortable, all day wear, it’s simply casual elegance.

You’ll also be seeing one of our favorites sandals once again, the slide.


These sandals are quite comfortable because of their wide, thick heel.

They are available in both a low and higher heel.

White Mule

Style your favorite slides, with a cropped, raw hemmed jean or a maxi summer dress; accessorize with
bold jewelry and you’re ready for some Summer fun.

Orange Mule
I’m coveting the orange, Zara Slingback.

Evelyn Irvin is the FashionistaOver40.

FashionistaOver40 loves to accessorize with the Glitter Clutch

fashionista-Evelyn Irvin

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