15 Spring Fashion Trends to Rock Right Now


Bows are back for this spring. You will be seeing the feminine staple in hairstyles, on shoes, clothing, bags, and more. There are so many ways you can rock bows. You can wear one on your ponytail or sport a huge bow as a tie or on your handbag. You can go for a super girly look or add a moto jacket or a pair of distressed jeans to add an edge to the look. This trend is really fun because it’s totally DIY. All kinds of gorgeous ribbons cost only a couple of dollars at the local craft store, and you can easily wrap a bow into your hairstyle, or attach bows onto your existing clothing and accessories. Have fun with it! Not everyone is a bow person, so if this trend is not your style — skip it! There are plenty more fabulous spring trends you can choose from this year.

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