How To Stay In Shape Without Ruining Your Vacation

Losing weight and getting into shape is hard work, and when you find a system that works, any break in your fitness regimen can set you back.

Summer vacations are exactly the kind of disruption that can ruin your progression, sending your weight back to an upward trend and denting your confidence. So how can you stay fit and trim but still enjoy a rewarding holiday?

Beach exercise HipLatina

Set Your Alarm Early and Hit the Beach

Many people never find out about it, but most beaches are thronged with runners in the early morning. In most popular resorts, you’ll find a hardy breed of early-morning joggers who turn in at a reasonable hour and set their alarms for 5 a.m. sharp.

If you want to join them, pick the right patch of beach. Preferably, the sand should be compact and hard. Choose the right footwear as well. A good pair of running shoes will usually work well on sand, but bare feet are almost as good. On the other hand, sandals and flip-flops tend to become uncomfortable quickly, so give them a pass.




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