Sugar Almost Drove Me Crazy: How You Can Lower Anxiety Through Diet

Morena Escardo HipLatina

Whenever I hear someone say they don’t have a sweet tooth and prefer savory or spicy flavors, I have to admit I feel a wave of jealousy deep within me. For me, sweets have not only been a very pronounced preference throughout my life, but a compulsion that has left me feeling powerless many times.

Here’s something about me not everyone knows: I never gain weight. As I was growing up, I ate all my favorite desserts like there was no tomorrow because it never showed, but the line between having a voracious appetite and a full-blown sugar addiction grew thinner with each passing year.

The day came when I decided to open a home cupcake business. Of course! What else would a sugar addict dream of doing all day long? I tried several recipes each day, looking for the perfect one, and even when the result was far from perfect, I ate whatever came out of the oven. Why put anything sweet to waste? I was eating scary doses of sugar, even for my highly stretched standards, and it didn’t take long for my body to notice.

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