Sunday Gratitude Local Nonprofits to Volunteer With in NYC

When things are going well, November and December are rich in parties, family visits, and shopping for presents. But we know this time is also steeped in difficulty for many of our fellow citizens. This fall, why not take some time to give back to the city you love? Volunteer to help the people and places more vulnerable than you, either by yourself or with a group. Maybe instead of hosting one more holiday cocktail party, you could organize a Saturday volunteer day with your colleagues or friends—you might find that paying it forward in this season of great need brings you and your friends closer together, and fills you up with gratitude. Here are four great organizations to volunteer with in New York City.

Environment: The City Parks Foundation

NYC Park Programs HipLatina

NYC Park Programs

New York City benefits enormously from having the folks at City Parks Foundation advocating for its citizens. This group runs free sports activities for kids (starting at age five) to promote outdoor recreation, and cultural programs like Summer Stage, which brings live arts performances to the neighborhood. You can volunteer to clean up one of the city’s parks as a one-day event, or get a group of friends or co-workers to volunteer together. In the summer months, it’s also possible to work on the Summer Stage events—visit their website for more deets.

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