Sunday Inspiration that Leads to Gratitude: A List of Favorites

Quotes, books, blogs, and videos for Inspiration from the HipLatina village 

Taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of those around you. The hustle of bustle of life can cause you to forget the importance of “me”. During every stage of life we are confronted with big questions: From college graduation and having to decide what you want to be and do when you “grow-up”, developing your career, building a family, nurturing your children as they grow up, empty nest, to golden grandparenting, and all the ruts we must traverse along the way. We believe that every stage of life should be looked at as an opportunity to take a step back and celebrate the success of “me”. HipLatina is fortunate to have many writers and contributors in our community who are currently in each life stage, and we constantly reflect together. We are a village, a community. We are strong women.

Our favorite quotes, books, videos and articles that connect women of all ages start with this quote from the great Maya Angelou:

Gratitude Inspiration Maya Angelou

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