Your Weekly Tarotscope for December 22 – December 28, 2019



Your Card: Temperance


Capricorn, you hesitate because you want to stay even keel — just in case it doesn’t work out. But sometimes, diving in isn’t the worst thing you can do. Yes, even if things don’t pan out. You have a lot more time and wiggle room than you think you do to make mistakes. The consequences aren’t as serious as you believe they’ll be. Take some chances now. And I’m hearing that if you’re EVER going to throw caution to the wind, this is the time to do it! You’re being watched over and guided. Consider the possibility that even if you try and “fail” that what you learn could end up becoming much more valuable and lead to something much more substantial in the scheme of things. You know where you hold yourself back, so try to loosen up and let it flow if only just for the week. It will ultimately do you a lot of good.

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