3 Must-Visit Spots to Check Out in Sedona, Arizona

When you think of Arizona, what do you think of? Probably deserts, cacti, and heat – lots of heat. That is what I used to associate Arizona with as well until I did some research on the state and discovered that Arizona is a place with many beautiful parks and small towns to explore. I was particularly intrigued by Sedona, Arizona. It’s known for its beautiful red rock formations and being a spiritual hub.

If you’re planning a trip to Arizona, a stop in Sedona (about a two hour drive from Phoenix) is a must. Fortunately, it is higher in elevation than Phoenix therefore you will catch cooler temperatures, even a light breeze. A trip to the town will allow you to connect with nature and your inner self. Here are a few recommendations of the many things you can do while in Sedona!

Bell Rock Canyon/Courthouse Butte Trail

Bell Rock Canyon is one of the first rock formations you will encounter if you enter from the south end of Sedona. Next to it you will see Courthouse Butte. The trailhead cannot be missed, as it has a large parking lot and a resting area where it begins. The hike is moderate, flat for the most part, unless you decide to climb up the side of the canyons. The entire trail around both canyons is five miles long. My favorite part about this hike was climbing up the side of Bell Rock Canyon. It felt like a playground for adults – jumping and climbing to admire the views.




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