Never buy at Dollarstore HipLatina

9 Things You Should Never Buy at The Dollar Store

Never buy at Dollarstore HipLatina

Dollar stores are awesome. Colorful, jam-packed aisles, overflowing with an endless number of things you can buy for virtually nothing. But remember the saying, “you get what you pay for?” There are some things that aren’t safe to get at the dollar store and definitely not worth the savings you would get from buying them. Here are 9 such items: 


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Although you will find many name brand options for food at the dollar store, there is also a collection of questionable items. Check the labels and read all the ingredients before purchasing anything; even then, some items, such as canned food, can contain trace chemicals such as BPA.

Beauty Products and Feminine Products

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Your skin is one large organ through which chemicals and toxins can enter into your system. Although beauty and feminine products may be available at dollar stores for a steal, there is no knowing what is in them. You are not likely to find many, if any, natural beauty products there as well.

Baby Products and Toys

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You want items for kids to be as safe as possible. At the dollar store, baby food, toiletries, and toys can be made with subpar materials, which also may contain chemicals and toxins. Toys may also not be safe to play with, for example, if they are flimsy enough to come apart into smaller pieces.

Pet Products

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The same goes for food, toys, and accessories for your furry children. Quality is paramount when buying items for your pet, and unfortunately, although affordable, dollar store products aren’t always known for that. It’s much safer to buy pet products at a reputable pet store.

Electrical Accessories

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Phone chargers, electrical cords, and other such accessories from the dollar store may not work as well as more expensive options. To make matters worse, they can actually cause damage to your electronics, electrical shock, and/or fires.

Liquid Detergent

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It’s easy to fill liquid detergent bottles (or any other easily opened bottles for that matter) with any substance. There is no way to know whether or not you are getting quality suds; therefore, it’s safer to get your detergent at a grocery or big-box store.

Vitamins and Medicines

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We take vitamins and medicines in order to improve, and not hinder, our health. According to a 2004 Consumer Reports study, in half of the 18 dollar store brand vitamins tested, listed nutrients on the labels were missing from the product. Other vitamins didn’t dissolve fast enough for absorption by the body. You’re better off buying your vitamins and medicines at your local health store, vitamin shop, or pharmacy.

Kitchen Items

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For many, cooking is a daily activity, which can lead to wear and tear on kitchen items. Instead of using plastic cooking utensils that can contain chemicals, knives that may be dull, and oven mitt and/or pot holders that aren’t insulated enough to prevent burning (all dollar store complaints), consider these products worth investing in, and buy them elsewhere. You’ll thank yourself later.


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You want your tools to be sturdy, sharp, and useful. Quality products help guarantee a long (and safe) life of use, so it’s best to get your tools at the hardware store and not the dollar store.

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