New Year's Eve HipLatina

#Thirsty Thursday NYE Traditions from HipLatina Writers, Part 1

We recently asked our fabulous contributors to share a few tidbits from their favorite New Year’s Eve traditions, including their best hangover remedies! Here are the first six responses.

Tara Sherry-Torres

Tara HIpLaitna Contributor New Year's Eve On her favorite New Year’s Eve beverage:

Basically it’s not New Year’s without a ridiculous amount of champagne for like 24 hours straight.”

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Damaly Gonzalez

Damaly Gonzalez HipLatina New Year's Eve
Damaly Gonzalez

On her best hangover remedy:

The Mexican soup from La Esquina diner in Williamsburg.” 

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Monica Dashwood

Monica Dashwood Feature New Year's Eve
Monica Dashwood Feature

On how she likes to spend NYE:

“I like to stay home with family and maybe a few friends to sit by the fire, chat, drink bubbly or wine, and keep the countdown on in the background. I also love to read a good book or watch a movie until the midnight hour. If I’m not too tired I stay up until the New Year begins.”

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Maritere Rodriguez Bellas

Maritere New Year's Eve

On her favorite way to spend NYE at home:

“If we are staying home, we have friends/family over and have a party! Always latin music like salsa playing.

If we are in Puerto Rico, we eat lechón, pasteles, arroz con gandules, very traditional food there. If we are in CA, we may have a nice filet with veggies.”
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Eva Sage Gordon

New Year's Eve Eva Sage Gordon On how she prefers to spend NYE:

“I love to have a quiet night on NYE. I usually go to a Thai or Chinese restaurant, then drink wine and play cards at my apartment with a friend. If I am alone I order in and then take a bath while listening to an audiobook (which is pretty much what I want to be doing any night of the year).”


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Alejandra Graf

Alejandra Graf - Contributor HipLatina New Year's Eve

On her go to hangover cure:

“The best hangover remedy for me is a vanilla smoothie. Made with frozen bananas, almond cream, almond milk, dates and vanilla extract. It really works.”

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