#ThirstyThursday 3 Hip Brandy Cocktails and Tasty Holiday Cookies

It’s Thursday again—and that means more delicious cocktails and food! This time we thought we’d bring in a classy old friend: Brandy.

The Brandy Alexander:

Old school cocktail that’s difficult to pass on. It’s basically a glorified dessert, but it’s brandy, creme de cacao and cream. Some places also just use ice cream, which is still delicious. If you don’t like a bitter alcohol flavor, this drink is really smooth.

Brandy Alexander Cocktail

Shared from FoodandWine.com

A drink that’s this rich deserves a snack that can hold it’s own, so I would try it with these Chocolate Sugar Cookes from Sweetopia.com

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Shared from Sweetopia.com

The Sidecar:

Sidecar cocktail

Shared from Brooklyn Supper

This is a drink I had to put on here because I’m obsessed with ordering it. It comes in a fancy, not quite a martini glass-glass (apparently, it’s called a coupe) with sugar around the rim, and an orange zest—and I feel like I immediately need to start talking like they do in those old Hollywood noir films. It’s cognac, orange-flavored liqueur, and lemon juice is shaken together to make a deep golden hue.

German Honey Cookies

Shared from Allrecipes.com

Because of the honeyed color of this drink, let’s go for a literal pairing with honey cookies. They’re called old German honey cookies. It’s a simple and straightforward dessert to go with your flashy cocktail.

The Metropolitan:

Metropolitan Martini

Shared from garnishwithlemon.com

The possible (the jury seems to be out on which came first) forerunner to the Cosmo, and another classic cocktail—this drink mixes brandy, sweet vermouth, and some bitters. It’s simple, and elegant. Sweet, but not as fruity as the Cosmo.  To me this seems like a holiday drink, so my instinct is to pair it with ginger cookies.

Gingerbread Cookies

Shared by Taste of Home

Check out this recipe for big soft ginger cookies from Taste of Home.

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