#ThirstyThursday: New and Old Whiskey Cocktails with Tasty Bites

 Depending on how you feel about this election (really, either way) we’re all gonna need a stiff drink to take away the pain and bitterness of the last two years. So, for the upcoming holidays lets escape into some new (0ld) cocktails and tasty bite-sized favorites:

Whiskey Cocktail Cheri Loughlin - Intoxicologist

Shared from Cheri Loughlin – Intoxicologist

The San Martin: This cocktail is made with gin, vermouth, and chartreuse (which is a type of brandy-which is in the whiskey family). Add a lemon twist for some brightness. To me, this type of drink asks for an appetizer that can stand up to its bold flavor.

Next – Pepper Crusted Tenderloin Bites

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