See Over 100 Years of Vintage Latina Fashion

1860s Mexico

Photo: La Imagen Del Siglo/Blogger/Pinterest

Our first photo dates back to the 1860s and was taken by the Cruces y Campa studio, ran by Antioco Cruces and Luis Campa, in Mexico City. It features an indigenous Mexican woman, dressed in traditional garb and holding a handwoven basket. If it is the correct photo, this is “Mujer de Tuxtepec, Oaxaca,” and she is dressed in one of the 200-plus regional dresses from the state of Oaxaca. This photo is part of a series of pics that Cruces y Campa took of “occupations,” or “tipos.” The series showed “men, women, and children in a diversity of occupations or wearing traditional costumes against realistic backgrounds.” This photo has survived time to inform us of what some American Indian women of Mexico were wearing over 150 years ago, and how that compares to the styles of today. We wish more photos like these were readily available to look at and learn from!

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