Time Magazine Honors 7 Latinas in ‘100 Women of the Year’ Issue

The 1960s: Dolores Huerta

All she wanted was fundamental human rights for farmworkers. In order to do that, Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez had to fight tooth and nail for Latino workers. Together they founded the United Farm Workers, an organization that continues to be a powerful entity today. Huerta’s fighting spirit is an example of what the resistance movement is all about. “We have been learning from Huerta for decades,” Ai-jen Poo writes in Time. “She saw a need to address working poverty at its root and remains one of our nation’s greatest labor leaders. When we see injustice, may we all seek to organize power, as Huerta did, and may we do so with her unstoppable strength and determination.” Si Se Puede, indeed.




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